My other Super Bowl 51 prediction: Colts vs. Vikings Here’s why

So ladies and gentlemen, Im back and im better than ever. I apologize for my long absense. Im going to bump my Falcons-Colts pick because i don’t think much lines up for the falcons this year. However, things still lines up for the colts and another team who i believe will face them. I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to play the colts in Superbowl 51. The Vikings have the numerology and the sacrifices to back up what im saying. I want you guys to share this post. Heck, I even want the mainstream calling me out and telling me how crazy I am. So lets begin.

So today I found out that the Zionist owner of the Minnesota Vikings Zygi Wilfs, father had died yesterday. This was definitely a blood sacrifice.

  • His fathers name is Joseph Wilf. Joseph Wilf=51. Superbowl 51 next year. He died at age 91. Vikings=91
  • He died 8/3/16. Football=83. The date he died has a date numerology of 47. 8+3+20+16=47. Mafia=47. Superbowl 51 is the 47th Superbowl of the modern era.

I also want to mention the death of former Vikings and Cardinals coach Denny Green. Another ritual sacrifice for the Vikings and possibly the Cardinals going to Superbowl 52. Here is the numbers on Denny Green.

  • Denny Green=111 Minnesota Vikings=111
  • He died at age 67. Sacrifice=67.
  • He died July 21,2016. A date numerology of 44. 7+21+16=44. Kill=44. Also died on a date numerology of 19. 7+2+1+2+1+6=19. Vikings=91. The reflection of 19.
  • Denny Green=57. Championship=131. Fifty seven=131. Superbowl=131

Prince’s death this year also ties into this. This is about to get deep.

  • Prince died at age 57 this year. The number associated with superbowl and championship. He died in Chanhassen Minnesota. Chanhassen Minnesota=139. Freemasonry=139
  • He performed at Superbowl 41 where the colts played the bears. This is when the two black coaches were playing against each other to subliminally prepare you for a black president.
  • He died 4/21/16. Which has a date numerology of 41. He performed at superbowl 41. Zionists=41. This is getting crazy.

Also Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson has the houston connection, where the superbowl will be played next year. Houston=112. Bridgewater=112. Peterson=112.

This will also be the 5th time that a black qb has played against a white qb in the superbowl. Somehow people can’t see the ritual that is being done here. Teddy Bridgewater wears no. 5. USA=5. Five point baphomet star that the satanists worship.

Here’s also why I think the Colts will be in Superbowl 51.

  • Andrew Luck went to high school in Houston Texas. Andrew Luck=112. Houston=112
  • Andrew Lucks father Oliver Luck played for the Houston Oilers. Oliver Luck also wore the no.12 jersey.
  • Oliver Luck=47. Superbowl 51 will be the 47th Superbowl  of the modern era.

One more point to add. The Minnesota Vikings will play the Indianapolis colts this season on 12/18/16. From that date to the superbowl on 2/5/17 is a span of 49 days. Revelation=49. Ill make sure to check out the result of that game. Ill also follow these two teams and give you guys more writeups on this subject.

If i was you I would totally put money down on both of these teams to go to the superbowl. The Numbers never lie. I think the Colts are gonna win against the Vikings as well. That would make white qbs 4-1 against black qbs.






Warriors vs. Thunder Rigging Exposed Pt.2

I forgot warriors=121 and they scored 121. The halftime score was 57-46 thunder lead. 57 is a number associated with championships. If you write out 57 it equals 131. Also the warriors were found in 1946 and were known as the Philadelphia warriors. Guess who’s at the bottom of the league right now. Curry scored 46 for the game. Today’s date numerology was a good day for freemason rigging. 2+27+2+16=47. Warriors won their first title in the 1947th season. Guys its looking good for a cavs-warriors finals rematch. Cleveland is always gonna be that dominant team in the eastern conference as long as LeBron’s there. They also acquired Channing Frye. Who is a 6-11 center. Golden state acquired Anderson verajao from Cleveland. He is 6-10. This is what the nba wants and their gonna get it.

Look at Curry putting up the devil horns. Truly a sellout.

Golden State Vs. OKC. Rigging exposed.

Ok guys im back with another post. I just got done watching the game between the warriors and the thunder and all I’ve got to say is wow. It was the steph curry show all game long. He hit that long three at the end to win it for gs. He was also pointing up to Lucifer and dancing afterwards. Steph curry is a secreted freemason. Remember the Zionists and the freemasons are the ones who run the nba.

  • The final score was 121-118. A score summing to 239. The U.S. is in their 239th year of existence. Im telling you guys this game was rigged from start to finish.  I heard Shaun Livingston of the warriors tell  a guy “You know their going to give up the lead and come back-keep it close then 4th quarter. Im not kidding you guys. They kept it close. Andre igoudala hit two clutch free throws then it went to OT.
  • Now let me tell you guys this okc could’ve easily put gs away and win the game. They had a healthy lead. They kept shooting terrible shots. I then knew it was rigged for the warriors. OKC had the ball with a chance to win the game. Russell Westbrook put up junk. What came next was a 32 footer from steph curry to win it for the warriors.

Steph curry finished with 46 points. He tied a record 12 3’s. Conspiracy=123. I think nobody in the NDA(No defense association) is allowed to break that record. Its crazy how they promoted him the whole game. It was literally the SC30 show. Well Stephen does equal 33. The nba is a 33 league. Think of 33 degrees of freemasonry. Golden State is playing lights out this year but I think Cleveland is gonna win it all this year.


Golden State Warriors
1st in Western Conference
Saturday, February 27, 8:30 PM
Chesapeake Energy Arena
Golden State
121 – 118
Oklahoma City
1 2 3 4

Colts vs Falcons in sb 51?

Hello Readers! Welcome to the gematria explosion. I will be exposing the NWO, Freemasons, etc. Basically the tyrants who rule over us, who need to be taken out of power asap. We need to regain our freedom as a people. A freedom that was taken from us. In my very first post I will be exposing the rigged nfl. The joke that it truly is. I first want to start off by giving a big shoutout to Zachary K Hubbard. He is the person that I got my gematria knowledge from. He has a youtube channel. Just search his name and it’ll pop right up. He has videos on how to gematria and other topics. So, superbowl 51; or should I say distraction bowl 51. Superbowl 51 will be hosted by the Houston Texans next year at nrg stadium, and I have a strong feeling that Andrew luck will be in it. Now, the next team that I mention may surprise you. I also have a feeling he will be going up against the Atlanta Falcons. Now I know you might be like ” the falcons- is this guy nuts. I know their a small market team and all but their have been some small market teams in past superbowls. Also, the freemasons who control the nfl sometimes like to have certain teams in the superbowl for symbology. We are in the age of aquaris where people will start to obtain the information that was hidden from us by our government. Also, people are waking up each day and the government is doing the best they can to make sure that other people won’t wake up. They also want to divide truthers. 2017 will be the year that people will really need to wake up because the governments plans of a now will start to take effect. So what if the freemasons wanted a red vs blue superbowl. The elites love the color red. The blue also represents us- the people; who is getting poisned on a daily basis by the government. I know a red and blue superbowl want mean good news for the world, and a lot of people won’t see the symbolism behind it. So with that being said, lets start the decode. Andrew luck=112, Houston=112(Texans hosting superbowl). Andrew luck also played his high school ball in Houston. Luck=510 (superbowl 51). So he has Houston connections. I also want to note that this is the 47th modern superbowl. This is an important number to the freemasons. Now lets begin with Atlanta. The qb for Atlanta Matt Ryan=112. Matt Ryan=31. Houston=31. Matt ryan was drafted in the first round with the third pick in the 2008 nfl draft. Matt Ryan=672. Houston=672. The owner of the falcons- Arthur Blank=1012. He is also connected to nrg stadium. Nrg stadium=126. Arthur Blank=126. He will also be turning 74 this year (47th superbowl of the modern era). The oc of the falcons mike shanahan is connected to the Houston Texans. Also Richard smith the dc is connected to Houston. Is that a coincidence. Maybe; maybe not. Also the falcons are connected to the Denver broncos who just won superbowl 50. The falcons and the broncos both played each other in superbowl 33. Atlanta’s first superbowl. ATL=33. Archie manning said that matt ryan is a superbowl qb. See it here: Are they giving us hints on who is going to play in the next sb? If you add up the superbowl date it equals 44 and Georgia equals=44. It is being played on 2/5/17. Falcons=25. 2+5+20+17=44. 2+5+17=24. Devonta Freeman the rising star of the falcons wears no.24. He will also be turning 24 this year. So what will happen if he turns 24? Hmm… Also one of their long time receivers roddy white=131. Superbowl=131. Championship=131. I wonder if he’ll retire after next season. He is 34. The nfl always likes that narrative. They have stars who are getting old and getting ready to retire go out with a championship. Me personally I live in Georgia and we haven’t had a championship come to our state since the 1995 braves and our people are awaiting when we win our next championship. It’s gonna come and I feel it might be in next year’s superbowl. Im not saying this just because im from Georgia or anything. I feel like this is actually going to happen. Keep your eyes peeled and watch what these two teams do in the draft and in the offseason. It usual are those things that tell you will be in the superbowl. I might be doing one on the packers, because their another team who has a shot. So thank you for taking your time to read this. Im out.  VS.