Colts vs Falcons in sb 51?

Hello Readers! Welcome to the gematria explosion. I will be exposing the NWO, Freemasons, etc. Basically the tyrants who rule over us, who need to be taken out of power asap. We need to regain our freedom as a people. A freedom that was taken from us. In my very first post I will be exposing the rigged nfl. The joke that it truly is. I first want to start off by giving a big shoutout to Zachary K Hubbard. He is the person that I got my gematria knowledge from. He has a youtube channel. Just search his name and it’ll pop right up. He has videos on how to gematria and other topics. So, superbowl 51; or should I say distraction bowl 51. Superbowl 51 will be hosted by the Houston Texans next year at nrg stadium, and I have a strong feeling that Andrew luck will be in it. Now, the next team that I mention may surprise you. I also have a feeling he will be going up against the Atlanta Falcons. Now I know you might be like ” the falcons- is this guy nuts. I know their a small market team and all but their have been some small market teams in past superbowls. Also, the freemasons who control the nfl sometimes like to have certain teams in the superbowl for symbology. We are in the age of aquaris where people will start to obtain the information that was hidden from us by our government. Also, people are waking up each day and the government is doing the best they can to make sure that other people won’t wake up. They also want to divide truthers. 2017 will be the year that people will really need to wake up because the governments plans of a now will start to take effect. So what if the freemasons wanted a red vs blue superbowl. The elites love the color red. The blue also represents us- the people; who is getting poisned on a daily basis by the government. I know a red and blue superbowl want mean good news for the world, and a lot of people won’t see the symbolism behind it. So with that being said, lets start the decode. Andrew luck=112, Houston=112(Texans hosting superbowl). Andrew luck also played his high school ball in Houston. Luck=510 (superbowl 51). So he has Houston connections. I also want to note that this is the 47th modern superbowl. This is an important number to the freemasons. Now lets begin with Atlanta. The qb for Atlanta Matt Ryan=112. Matt Ryan=31. Houston=31. Matt ryan was drafted in the first round with the third pick in the 2008 nfl draft. Matt Ryan=672. Houston=672. The owner of the falcons- Arthur Blank=1012. He is also connected to nrg stadium. Nrg stadium=126. Arthur Blank=126. He will also be turning 74 this year (47th superbowl of the modern era). The oc of the falcons mike shanahan is connected to the Houston Texans. Also Richard smith the dc is connected to Houston. Is that a coincidence. Maybe; maybe not. Also the falcons are connected to the Denver broncos who just won superbowl 50. The falcons and the broncos both played each other in superbowl 33. Atlanta’s first superbowl. ATL=33. Archie manning said that matt ryan is a superbowl qb. See it here: Are they giving us hints on who is going to play in the next sb? If you add up the superbowl date it equals 44 and Georgia equals=44. It is being played on 2/5/17. Falcons=25. 2+5+20+17=44. 2+5+17=24. Devonta Freeman the rising star of the falcons wears no.24. He will also be turning 24 this year. So what will happen if he turns 24? Hmm… Also one of their long time receivers roddy white=131. Superbowl=131. Championship=131. I wonder if he’ll retire after next season. He is 34. The nfl always likes that narrative. They have stars who are getting old and getting ready to retire go out with a championship. Me personally I live in Georgia and we haven’t had a championship come to our state since the 1995 braves and our people are awaiting when we win our next championship. It’s gonna come and I feel it might be in next year’s superbowl. Im not saying this just because im from Georgia or anything. I feel like this is actually going to happen. Keep your eyes peeled and watch what these two teams do in the draft and in the offseason. It usual are those things that tell you will be in the superbowl. I might be doing one on the packers, because their another team who has a shot. So thank you for taking your time to read this. Im out.  VS.


6 thoughts on “Colts vs Falcons in sb 51?

  1. Nice work man. I like it.
    I’d say watch to see where some of the Broncos players go too when they start trading. The key last year might have been Aqib Talib who went to Denver from NE and also Vernon Davis who went there from 49ers.
    Good luck and well done!

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  2. Nice work brother! Congrats on the new blog. Red and Blue Super Bowl =217 like the year 2017. My numbers are confirming the Colts prediction too, and that’s a fresh idea with the opponent being a red squad. We should decode all the possible red teams — Cards, 9ers, Bills, Skins, Pats, who else?

    And just a tip between Gematria bloggers, always keep the reader in mind and format your posts for optimal legibility. Like short paragraphs and spaces between them 😉 Also bullet points are helpful to highlight a thought.

    All the best buddy, don’t hesitate to hit me up for anything

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