Golden State Vs. OKC. Rigging exposed.

Ok guys im back with another post. I just got done watching the game between the warriors and the thunder and all I’ve got to say is wow. It was the steph curry show all game long. He hit that long three at the end to win it for gs. He was also pointing up to Lucifer and dancing afterwards. Steph curry is a secreted freemason. Remember the Zionists and the freemasons are the ones who run the nba.

  • The final score was 121-118. A score summing to 239. The U.S. is in their 239th year of existence. Im telling you guys this game was rigged from start to finish.  I heard Shaun Livingston of the warriors tell  a guy “You know their going to give up the lead and come back-keep it close then 4th quarter. Im not kidding you guys. They kept it close. Andre igoudala hit two clutch free throws then it went to OT.
  • Now let me tell you guys this okc could’ve easily put gs away and win the game. They had a healthy lead. They kept shooting terrible shots. I then knew it was rigged for the warriors. OKC had the ball with a chance to win the game. Russell Westbrook put up junk. What came next was a 32 footer from steph curry to win it for the warriors.

Steph curry finished with 46 points. He tied a record 12 3’s. Conspiracy=123. I think nobody in the NDA(No defense association) is allowed to break that record. Its crazy how they promoted him the whole game. It was literally the SC30 show. Well Stephen does equal 33. The nba is a 33 league. Think of 33 degrees of freemasonry. Golden State is playing lights out this year but I think Cleveland is gonna win it all this year.


Golden State Warriors
1st in Western Conference
Saturday, February 27, 8:30 PM
Chesapeake Energy Arena
Golden State
121 – 118
Oklahoma City
1 2 3 4

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