Warriors vs. Thunder Rigging Exposed Pt.2

I forgot warriors=121 and they scored 121. The halftime score was 57-46 thunder lead. 57 is a number associated with championships. If you write out 57 it equals 131. Also the warriors were found in 1946 and were known as the Philadelphia warriors. Guess who’s at the bottom of the league right now. Curry scored 46 for the game. Today’s date numerology was a good day for freemason rigging. 2+27+2+16=47. Warriors won their first title in the 1947th season. Guys its looking good for a cavs-warriors finals rematch. Cleveland is always gonna be that dominant team in the eastern conference as long as LeBron’s there. They also acquired Channing Frye. Who is a 6-11 center. Golden state acquired Anderson verajao from Cleveland. He is 6-10. This is what the nba wants and their gonna get it.

Look at Curry putting up the devil horns. Truly a sellout.


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