My other Super Bowl 51 prediction: Colts vs. Vikings Here’s why

So ladies and gentlemen, Im back and im better than ever. I apologize for my long absense. Im going to bump my Falcons-Colts pick because i don’t think much lines up for the falcons this year. However, things still lines up for the colts and another team who i believe will face them. I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to play the colts in Superbowl 51. The Vikings have the numerology and the sacrifices to back up what im saying. I want you guys to share this post. Heck, I even want the mainstream calling me out and telling me how crazy I am. So lets begin.

So today I found out that the Zionist owner of the Minnesota Vikings Zygi Wilfs, father had died yesterday. This was definitely a blood sacrifice.

  • His fathers name is Joseph Wilf. Joseph Wilf=51. Superbowl 51 next year. He died at age 91. Vikings=91
  • He died 8/3/16. Football=83. The date he died has a date numerology of 47. 8+3+20+16=47. Mafia=47. Superbowl 51 is the 47th Superbowl of the modern era.

I also want to mention the death of former Vikings and Cardinals coach Denny Green. Another ritual sacrifice for the Vikings and possibly the Cardinals going to Superbowl 52. Here is the numbers on Denny Green.

  • Denny Green=111 Minnesota Vikings=111
  • He died at age 67. Sacrifice=67.
  • He died July 21,2016. A date numerology of 44. 7+21+16=44. Kill=44. Also died on a date numerology of 19. 7+2+1+2+1+6=19. Vikings=91. The reflection of 19.
  • Denny Green=57. Championship=131. Fifty seven=131. Superbowl=131

Prince’s death this year also ties into this. This is about to get deep.

  • Prince died at age 57 this year. The number associated with superbowl and championship. He died in Chanhassen Minnesota. Chanhassen Minnesota=139. Freemasonry=139
  • He performed at Superbowl 41 where the colts played the bears. This is when the two black coaches were playing against each other to subliminally prepare you for a black president.
  • He died 4/21/16. Which has a date numerology of 41. He performed at superbowl 41. Zionists=41. This is getting crazy.

Also Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson has the houston connection, where the superbowl will be played next year. Houston=112. Bridgewater=112. Peterson=112.

This will also be the 5th time that a black qb has played against a white qb in the superbowl. Somehow people can’t see the ritual that is being done here. Teddy Bridgewater wears no. 5. USA=5. Five point baphomet star that the satanists worship.

Here’s also why I think the Colts will be in Superbowl 51.

  • Andrew Luck went to high school in Houston Texas. Andrew Luck=112. Houston=112
  • Andrew Lucks father Oliver Luck played for the Houston Oilers. Oliver Luck also wore the no.12 jersey.
  • Oliver Luck=47. Superbowl 51 will be the 47th Superbowl  of the modern era.

One more point to add. The Minnesota Vikings will play the Indianapolis colts this season on 12/18/16. From that date to the superbowl on 2/5/17 is a span of 49 days. Revelation=49. Ill make sure to check out the result of that game. Ill also follow these two teams and give you guys more writeups on this subject.

If i was you I would totally put money down on both of these teams to go to the superbowl. The Numbers never lie. I think the Colts are gonna win against the Vikings as well. That would make white qbs 4-1 against black qbs.






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